Lo más de las islas Bahamas

En estas páginas pretendo acercaros las islas más intrigantes del Caribe. Piratas, leyendas, oscurantismo...tesoros, playas. Y por supuesto acercaros a los bahemenses.

Monday, November 15, 2004


FUENTE: http://www.bahamas.co.uk/activities/bahamas_activities_people.asp

Si te gusta viajar, conocer nuevas culturas e intercambiar experiencias apuntanté al programa que organiza el Ministerio de Turismo de Bahamas.

A continuación toda la información.

Discover our People-to-People Programme, where you'll meet warm and friendly Bahamians who want to show you another side of life in The Islands of the Bahamas. Hundreds ofhospitable volunteers have been chosen by the Ministry of Tourism as special personal hosts to you and your family, club or interest group.

The scheme is informal, non-regimented and very personalized. We'll bring you together with a Bahamian family in either Nassau or Freeport whose leisure, occupational or religious interests are similar to yours.

How you spend your time together is entirely up to you and your hosts. You may like to visit a school or college, join a church congregation, or simply visit some of the island's sights. The People-to-People programme is easy and free except for the cost of transportation or any personal purchases.

If you're coming to Nassau and you would like to consider our People-to-People Programme, write to:

Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
People-to-People Program
P O Box N3701
Nassau, Bahamas

Or, alternatively, when in Nassau you can drop by one of the Tourist Information Centres located at the airport and Rawson Square, downtown. Or call 356-0435.

If you are coming to Freeport/Lucaya, write to:

Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
People-to-People Programme
P O Box F40251
Freeport/Lucaya, Bahamas

Or, alternatively, when in Freeport drop by the Tourist Information Centre at the International Bazaar, or call 352-8044.


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